The Benefits of Plant-Based Indian Food

The Benefits of Plant-Based Indian Food

Indian cuisine is diverse and has a rich history steeped in traditions, regional variations, and cultural practices. Many dishes in Indian cuisine, and especially plant-based Indian-food, are not only flavorful but also have numerous health benefits. Let's look at the benefits of plant-based Indian food so you can reap the rewards of this nourishing cuisine with a Majahma subscription. 

1. Embrace the power of spices 

With turmeric ‘shots’ and cardamom teas becoming increasingly popular, it can be easy to overlook the flavoursome spices that have long been a medicinal staple in Indian food. Turmeric contains curcumin, a compound known for its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and even anticancer properties, whilst cardamom contains compounds that may help lower blood pressure. Cumin, another commonly-used spice in Indian cooking, aids in digestion and likewise contains antioxidants and fenugreek is known to improve blood sugar levels. Spices don’t only bring the flavour to Indian cooking, they provide a lot of the nutrients too! 


2. Highlighting healthy whole-foods

Plant-based Indian cooking celebrates the range of delicious flavours and textures in lentils and pulses. A great source of protein, especially for vegetarians and vegans, wholefoods such as lentils and pulses are also rich in dietary fibre and iron. Indeed, beyond celebrating lentil daal as mere food, Ayurvedic texts view daal as medicine. Foods like chapatis or rotis are often made from whole wheat, also providing a good dose of dietary fibre. Every weekly Majahma menu features a lentil-based daal, marrying decadent and delicious flavours, with nourishing wholefoods. Look no further for healthy Indian food in Brighton and Sussex! 


3. Plenty of Vegetables!

Indian curries and salads heavily feature a variety of different vegetables. Consuming different vegetables has been proven to provide a multitude of benefits to health and well-being. Plant-based Indian food is a great way to diversify your veg-intake and can be a rich source of various vitamins, minerals, and fibres. Majahma features vegetarian curries celebrating the various flavours of vegetables, whilst our salads are a fresh and zesty use of vegetables, each dish carefully curated to compliment the weekly rotating daal. What better way to enjoy vegetables than with Majahma? 


4. Encouraging Variety in Your Diet 

Eating a variety of plant-based foods exposes you to different nutrients to maximise the various health benefits of food and build gut health. Given India’s regional diversity and size,  it’s no surprise that within the term ‘plant-based Indian food’ alone, there is a plethora of dishes to be explored. Majahma's subscription service allows you to enjoy a rotating menu of flavorful plant-based Indian dishes in Brighton and parts of Sussex, keeping your meals exciting and varied, and exposing you to a variety of nutritious spices, vegetables, and wholefoods with each tiffin delivery. 

From the power of spices to support your immune system to the dominance of healthy wholefoods and a variety of vegetables in plant-based Indian food, it is a cuisine that packs a punch of flavour and healthiness! With Majahma’s sustainable Indian takeaway, we take this to the next level, marrying the health benefits of plant-based Indian food with convenience and sustainability in one neat subscription. It’s never been easier to enjoy healthy, sustainable, and delicious Indian food in Brighton and beyond.

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