A little section to answer some common questions. Anything we haven't covered, please drop us a line on the chat (bottom right) and we'll happily answer you as soon as we can.


Can I order one just to try?

Absolutely! The best way to do this is to order as if you are
ordering a subscription, and then immediately cancel your subscription.


If you have less then six meals before cancelling we will ask you either return the tiffin to us, or if you want to keep the tiffin, we will process a charge of £15, 14 days after cancellation.

Dinner Parties?

We love catering for dinner parties! Whether it’s just that you have some friends or family over and you want dinner sorted, or you’re celebrating a special occasion. Just let us know, and we can add as many tiffins as you like. If you have a big dinner party planned let us know, and we might be able to do a few extra special bits for you. We take a deposit for any extra tiffin’s we need to deliver, which we will refund to you when we collect them.

What if I decide it's not for me?

We want this to work for you, so if for whatever reason it’s
not for you, it’s simple to cancel the subscription at any time, just log into the members area and click cancel subscription.


If you have been a member for less than a month, we will offer you a full refund on your tiffin tin. But you are welcome to keep the tiffin tin, so you have them then if you want to order with us again any time.

Can I change my delivery day?

Yes, it’s easy to do in the members area, or equally just drop us a message on chat on the website, on WhatsApp or via email, and we can adjust your delivery date for you. We need to know changes to planned delivery date by our order cut-off of Monday at 6pm.


What if I'm not in when you deliver?

No problem ☺ We can swap without you being there. Just leave your empty tiffin out in a cool box or a safe place and we'll pop your full one in your chosen safe place. You’ll have a meal waiting for you when you get back home.


Depending on the weather, we will leave an ice pack to keep your meal chilled in your Majahma bag, which you can return to us, and we can re-use for another delivery.


What's the best way to heat?


When heating your tiffin up, the bottom section on most weeks has a salad. All our salads can be enjoyed cold, so no need to heat.  On occasion, there will be a soup or a salad that is delicious hot. If in doubt check out the menu and we'll let you know which it is 

Unstack the tiffin and place on a baking tray  180oC for 25 mins - stir occasionally - pop the lid on the rice to stop it drying out. 
Transfer a portion onto a microwave safe plate or bowl
Heat for 3-4 mins on high - until the food is piping hot.

Transfer each dish into a pan.
Heat on the hob on a medium heat until piping hot, stirring as needed.



Can be enjoyed hot or cold.
180oC 3 mins in the oven. 
A spread of butter ontop is optional & delicious. 



Glaze the samosa with a little oil, and pop in the oven on a baking tray - 180oC for 25 mins.



Poppadoms are ready to go, but if you want a bit of extra crisp

Pop your poppadoms in the oven for the last two mins of your cook to make sure they are super crispy.  
60 secs for extra crispiness. > PING <


Best enjoyed hot. 180oC 10 mins in the oven. 




Chapatti are best fresh on delivery day.

However if you want to save your chapatti for another day, then there are a couple of options to keep them fresher for longer.

1. Wrap them up in tin foil - they wll be good for 24h at ambient

2. Freeze them - you can defrost them at room temp and they will be back to best with a little heat on dry frying pan.


Can I keep the tiffins?

If you paid for your tiffin on checkout - then it is tours to keep.

If you joined after 1 April 2022 and you have had less then six meals before cancelling we will ask you either return the tiffin to us (by post or we can collect on our delivery days) , or if you want to keep the tiffin, or we haven't heard from you 14 days after cancelling, we will process a charge of £15