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The Future on Your Plate: Top Indian Food Trends for 2024

As the world turns another page in the calendar, our palates, too, embark on an unseen journey of discovery and rediscovery. The year 2024 beckons us to explore an evolving landscape of Indian cuisine, where tradition meets innovation in a delightful dance of flavours and textures. At Majahma, we've been both witnesses and contributors to this gastronomic evolution, ensuring that every morsel we serve not only tantalizes your taste buds but also echoes the future of Indian culinary art.

1. Sustainability: The Spice of Life

Gone are the days when sustainability was a mere buzzword. In 2024, it's the very heart of Indian cooking, especially here at Majahma. With plant-based recipes, zero-waste packaging, and a careful food-waste strategy, we've got all the bases covered.

2. Healthy Indulgences

How about a takeaway that's great on the tastebuds and great for your health too? With wellness continuing to take centre-stage in its diffferent forms, Indian cuisine is shedding its image of being indulgently heavy, and here at Majahma we pride ourselves on delivering a healthy Indian takeaway. Veg-heavy, priorisiting pulses in our weekly daals, and highlighting natural unprocessed wholefoods, you might even say it's medicine on a plate!

3. Fusion Fever

2024 sees Indian cuisine flirting unabashedly with global flavors. Imagine a Masala Macchiato or a Saffron Risotto with Curry Leaves. These culinary marriages might raise purists' eyebrows, but they capture the essence of a globally interconnected world, where boundaries blur, and the palate becomes an adventurer. 

4. Plant-Based Protagonists

The humble vegetable is no longer a sidekick in Indian kitchens. With a growing emphasis on plant-based diets, vegetables are being reinvented in roles traditionally played by meats whilst, at Majahma, we love to celebrate traditional plant-based Indian dishes. With flavours like these, there's no need for meat or dairy, just authentic hearty Indian food as it always has been. 

5. Street Food Goes Gourmet

Street food, the soul of Indian cuisine, is getting a gourmet makeover. Vada Pav is no longer just a quick bite on a Mumbai street; it's being reimagined with artisanal bread and homemade chutneys. Think about our Punjabi Samosas, far from the street-side bite it's inspired from, it's landed as a luxurious and filling snack. Used to make delicious samosa chaats at our pop-ups, and available with our ever-popular tamarind chutney at Komodo Coffee in Brighton, the humble samosa is fusing with different flavours and industries (and we ain't mad about it!).

6. The Rise of Regional Cuisines

While mainstream Indian cuisine has enjoyed global limelight, 2024 is about unearthing hidden gems from lesser-known regional cuisines. With each tiffin our subscribers experience India's regional diversity and rich history, Majahma's wide-reaching dishes celebrate Indian, in its entirety. 

At Majahma, we embrace these trends not as fleeting fancies but as signposts to a future where Indian cuisine continues to innovate while staying rooted in its rich, diverse heritage. Join us on this flavourful journey into 2024!

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