Why Majahma's Tiffin Delivery is the Future of Indian Food

Why Majahma's Tiffin Delivery is the Future of Indian Food

Have you ever wanted a takeaway without the trash? Majahma serves up a sustainable takeaway in zero-waste packaging, bringing the convenience of a usual takeaway, without the trash and with all the authentic Indian flavours. Born in Brighton, with roots in India, Majahma’s sustainable takeaway business is changing the Indian food game in Brighton and beyond. Here’s why Majahma’s tiffin delivery is the future of Indian food. 


1. Sustainability that stacks up: Authentic Indian food delivered in a reusable stacking tiffin. 

Did you know that just ten plastic products make up three quarters of the plastic waste in our ocean? Takeaway paraphernalia features high amongst these products, from plastic drink lids, to food containers and food wrappers. Majahma aimed to think outside of the (takeaway) box to find a zero-waste sustainable solution. We deliver our takeaways in Indian steel tiffins which are infinitely reusable. Their smart stacking system has been used in India to transport lunches for centuries. Featuring a close-loop seal, Majahma’s tiffins minimise waste and maximise freshness, tackling plastic waste with a sustainable solution that well and truly stacks up! Could there be a more fitting way to deliver our authentic Indian food in Brighton and beyond? We don’t think so.


 2. Lost the will to cook? Take a rest, we’ll take care of the rest!

One of the reasons plastic waste has increased so exponentially is due to the rise of convenient takeaway food. For example, The Guardian reported in 2019 that Britain’s ‘lunch on the go’ habit generates 11 billion items of plastic waste per year, the majority of which is unrecyclable. One of the reasons people cited for relying on takeaway lunches was that they simply didn’t have the time to cook. At Majahma, we recognise the importance of letting someone else do the cooking sometimes. We therefore created an Indian takeaway with a flexible subscription which can be paused, skipped, and altered according to life’s demands. We deliver takeaways to your door whilst never compromising sustainability for convenience. 


3. Explore India from your own home: Take a journey through India with Majahma’s authentic Indian dishes.

Indian flavours offer endless adventures. With recipes pulled from different regions across this vibrant and diverse country, Majahma’s subscribers traverse India with each dish. Nanna Roo, the culinary brains behind Majahma, is from Gujarat which is a state known for its vegetarianism. Majahma’s menu showcases delicious Gujarati dishes that aren’t frequently found in Indian restaurants and takeaways in the UK, such as the carrot based Gajjur curry, and potato staple Indiano Butetta. Beyond Gujarat, Majahma’s recipes draw on deep, punchy flavours from across India. From sweet and creamy North Indian flavours in our Bapa and Makhani to the West-Indian kidney bean based Rajma, first brought to India from Mexico by Portuguese settlers, Majahma subscribers experience different regions and cultural histories with each tiffin. 


4. Delivering a nutritionally balanced takeaway 

Takeaways haven’t always scored highest in terms of healthiness, however, at Majahma we think it’s easy for food to taste good and do good for both body and planet. Our menus, always veggie and vegan, are heavy on vegetables, natural whole-foods, and spices to support health and wellbeing. Moreover, our weekly rotating menus enable subscribers to incorporate a variety of these vegetables, wholefoods, and spices into their diet. The Majahma menu features a different daal every week, meaning that our subscribers soak up both a range of flavours, and a range of nutrients with every tiffin. Testament to the nutritional benefits of daal,  Ayurvedic medicine regards daal not only as a delicious dish, but as a form of medicine in itself! Our fundamentally nutritious dishes deliver a takeaway with a healthy difference. 

From our sustainable zero-waste model, to our convenient subscription, and nutritious plant-based dishes, Majahma is revolutionising the Indian food industry. Our tiffins bring something new to the Indian food scene in Brighton and beyond, showing that convenience needn’t compromise sustainability, whilst delicious food needn’t compromise healthiness. Majahma delivers a takeaway with a difference.  

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